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Lap panels or close board panels are a type of screen fence used in rear gardens. The initial cost is the lowest of all solid screen fences available. Life expectancy is less than fences such as close board.

Lap panels are not suitable for exposed locations. Continental panels have become really popular as they offer an architectural appearance and work well in a garden with landscaping. They are best suited to reasonably level sites.


Close board fencing Close board fencing is a robust and longer lasting alternative. It is used for providing privacy and security.

The materials used to make the fence may be varied meaning that the strength, appearance and cost of the fence can be matched to suit your budget. Ideal location for sloping ground levels as well as even.


Post and rail Post and rail can allow you to enclose an area and still retain your outlook. Mesh can be added to contain pets and animals.

Ideal for any ground levels.


Picket fencing Picket fencing is a robust fence that gives vision through it.

It is used for boundary fencing where full privacy is not required.

Ideal location for sloping ground levels as well as even

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